GLOCK 49 GEN 5 MOS 9mm hits the market

GLOCK 49 GEN 5 MOS 9mm hits the market

A new optics-ready Glock model is on the way to American consumers – the Glock 49 MOS.

The Glock 49 MOS combines a Glock 19-sized frame with a Glock 17 slide. This partnership means a decent concealed carry sized frame but with a longer barrel (4.49 inches) and sight radius. Chambered in 9mm, it offers a 15+1 capacity — 10+1 if you’re in a state that doesn’t allow more than that.

The Glock 49 MOS sports the usual Gen. 5 Glock characteristics, like the flat grip versus the finger-grooved grip of the Gen 4. Seeing as how popular red dot carry guns are these days, it’s no surprise that the Glock 49 MOS is equipped with the capability to mount a red dot. The G49 MOS is the next in a lineup of crossover models, similar to the popular Glock G45.

The G49 MOS is essentially a G19 size grip frame with a G17 size slide, taking advantage of the proven carry frame size with a longer barrel and sight radius.

No word on MSRP yet, but the Glock 49 MOS will start shipping this month.

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