‘Smart Gun’ introduced with fingerprint, facial recognition technology

‘Smart Gun’ introduced with fingerprint, facial recognition technology

Colorado company Biofire Technologies has unveiled a new “Smart Gun;” a gun that can only be fired after quickly verifying the shooter’s identity with fingerprint and facial recognition technology.

The new weapon is the world’s first of its kind.

The company said they believe technology can assist in reducing “accidental kids shooting, criminal misuse and other tragic outcomes.”

“Biofire’s proprietary Guardian Biometric Engine uses integrated fingerprint and 3D facial recognition systems to verify your identity in any situation. Instantly unlock your firearm just by picking it up – no codes, buttons, or gadgets required,” Biofire said in a statement.

The weapon reportedly works even if the user is wearing gloves or a face covering.

Biofire said they created the Smart Gun so that owners “never have to choose between safe storage and instant access.” The firearm will be “instantly accessible using lighting-fast biometrics” and functions like any other gun, but designed for home defense.

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